Boulders & Beats May ’23

What a pleasure to have you all join us for the second Boulders & Beats in Revolt, it was a blast!! 🔥Thank you @tim_reuser@timmastik and @raphryr for setting the very nice boulders 👊🏼, @agripp_climbingholds for lending us some very nice holds. And while everybody was enjoying the boulders @joost.hess & @i.vo.d played some cool beats, thank you guys! Revolt crew, thank you as always 🙂

The scores can be found in this pdf

And in case you could not visit, the boulders will remain for a while for you to try!
Next Boulders & Beats edition will be in @boulderhaldecampus

Remember, one subscription three gyms  @boulderhalwalhalla@boulderhaldecampus

3 boulderinggyms, 1 subscription