The Gym

This was our dream: a big, light, state-of-the-art bouldering gym with next level boulders. A gym in the spirit of Studio Bloc in Darmstadt or B-pump Ogikubo in Tokyo, where everyone –beginner to pro– will meet new challenging problems asking to be solved. Where everyone feels at home and likes to hang out after climbing.

Next level boulders

We are setting creative, puzzling, demanding problems with volumes and holds of every size imaginable which provide limitless possibilities. World Cup style boulder-problems over the entire range of difficulty conceivable.


In Delft we found a large, light space, perfectly suited for the bouldering gym we had in mind. T-Wall, well known from Studio Bloc, has constructed our quite lean and sober walls. Volumes give our setters the opportunity to redesign these walls to their heart’s desire, thus creating new exciting problems. With the highest quality climbing holds available.

Competition wall – photo Ben Vroom

Competition wall

One side of the Revolt Bouldering Gym consists of a 35 meter long competition wall, suited for national and international events. Here especially we will design and create next level World Cup style boulders in all forms and difficulties.

All in all, we have 800 m2 of walls with room for 9 circuits, that will be renewed frequently and range in difficulty from very easy to seriously hard.

The café

After a challenging bouldering session, there will be plenty of time to hang out in our Revolt café with organic food and drinks.


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