Support Revolt

This new lockdown is a big letdown for everyone. For the third time since opening our gym January 2020, we have had to close our doors again. Right at the moment so many of you found your way to us and enjoy the bouldering on offer!

For us as a company it’s another big setback. The previous lockdowns have set us back financially in a big way, from which we haven’t begun to recover yet. And yet again there’s a full lockdown.

That’s why we ask you for help. We want to get through this to once again open our doors for you. Hopefully it won’t last too long! With many new cool projects and a thriving community!

If you want to support us we have a few options. You can start a new membership now or buy a 10-times card. We also have a reduced yearly membership, now for 490 euro for adults and 450 euro for 8-25 years of age.